• Open Letter to Unprepared Students

    Open Letter to Unprepared Students

    November 9, 2018

    Dear unprepared students, Every student at the beginning of the school year is provided with a list of necessary materials for the school year. The problem with this system is that a select few of you students never care to give this information to your guardians. Some of you buy materials at the b...

    Johnny Nguyen (11) lends Clay Smith (11) a sheet of paper during a study session in the local library.

    River Herron

  • Some Colleges Allow Opting Out of Test Scores

    Some Colleges Allow Opting Out of Test Scores

    Luna Riley, Staff Reporter

    November 9, 2018

    Junior and senior year are all about making good grades and scoring high on the ACT and SAT. The last two years of high school are the most stressful and the pressure to get into college is the highest. From a young age, students take a number of tests that decide what types of classes they take, wheth...

    Muhammad Hunain Mukri (10) and Lauren Shermersien (11) are both practicing for the SAT. Lauren seems to be enjoying herself while Muhammad looks troubled.

    Luna Riley

  • November 11th: A Day of Honor

    November 11th: A Day of Honor

    Nevaeh Arnold, Staff

    November 9, 2018

    This Sunday will mark the 100th anniversary since the ending of the event that led to the start of Veterans Day. Since the end of World War I, November 11th has been perceived as a special day within America. Celebrated by many, Veterans Day is when Americans honor those who have fought and are fightin...

    Colonel Eatman and Master Sargent Routon stand next to the American flag in honor of the upcoming Veterans Day.

    Nevaeh Arnold

  • You’ve <b>GOAT</b> to be Kidding Me

    You’ve GOAT to be Kidding Me

    Emmylou Wilkes

    November 9, 2018

    Just an update on Wade Hampton news,- there was a goat in the cafeteria this morning during first block. Whoever happened to stumble across this sight may have been confused, and justifiably so. It turns out that Ms. Wike’s AP Human Geography class was responsible for this occurrence. According to M...

  • More Time Between Class Changes?

    More Time Between Class Changes?

    Avery Pollock, Staff Reporter

    November 9, 2018

    As with any school, most students look forward to the usual five-minute break between class changes to talk with friends, or just for a general break before the next class. A popular discussion between all students alike is if that time between classes should be increased. But just what is so important a...

    Emin Dermirkilic (10) realizing that he only has one more minute left before he has to be at his second block class, which happens to be on the other end of the school.

    Avery Pollock

The Hate U Give Review

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

The film adaptation of Angie Thomas’s YA novel is...

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