Saying Goodbye


I am incredibly grateful that I have been a Herald staff member for the past two years.

Kaitlyn Lundy, Editor

Room 203 is much more than a place, it’s a home.  For the past two years I have been able to meet people I wouldn’t normally interact with and call them my family.  This room has been filled with a wide range of personalities belonging to individuals who all have come together to produce a yearbook and monthly newspaper.  Each year the staff changes, so each year the staff is connected in a unique way.  It has been such a joy leading the staff alongside Maria this past year.  

Each staff member brings something different to the table.  From Kendrick and Rebekah’s shenanigans to Allyssa’s amazing Photoshop skills and Callie and Maddy’s hard work on the yearbook, it makes me smile thinking about the collaboration among the staff.  And how could I forget Mike’s wonderful skill at falling out of his chair and Tylar’s great ideas during newsroom planning.  Not to mention Lucy’s initiative in being a valuable staff member and Lexi and Carley’s phenomenal photography skills.  In addition to that, Zoie crafted the Photo Opinion well and Kimberly handled Generally Speaking and Watch Out For like a pro.  I have loved having team players like Juliana, Kimberly, and Julianna under my wing on the Academics staff for yearbook as well.  

It seems like I just wrote my first editorial and here I am writing my last.  This past year has flown by, I shouldn’t have blinked so quickly.  I’ll never forget how the whole staff crushed yearbook sales and wrote some of the best issues of the newspaper this past year.