Cultivating an Unlikely Interest


Luckily, I can put the skills I learn at Mill Village to use in my personal garden at home.

Lucy Garcia, Editor

I remember being concerned about college choices and my future in eighth grade. Looking back at it, I wish that I would have waited at least another year or two before I began wondering obsessively about my future. Then again, my constant search for a perfect series of events leading into adulthood definitely makes up who I am. Now, one month into my junior year, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to be when I grow up. An environmental engineer. My ideal job title, though, is a work in progress. I’ve gone through seasons of wanting to be a journalist, an astronaut, an ESOL teacher in faraway countries, a pilot, and a doctor (to name just a few). This time, though, when I looked into the job description and the impact that I could potentially make in this field, I was captivated.

I began searching for jobs or opportunities locally where I could make an impact on the community similarly to how I would want to after college. I found Mill Village Farms (MVF) after hearing about the program from a few friends. Basically, MVF began as an idea for a new farm model. The goal was to build small, sustainable farms that benefitted surrounding communities. It has increased access to healthy foods, which, in turn, has promoted healthy eating and lifestyles. Upon reading every page of the website, I immediately applied for a position. After a smooth application process, I was hired as an employee. Even during my first time in the offices where I had my job interview, this place felt like home.

I have only been working at MVF for about a month, but I have learned countless new skills and seen many new viewpoints of the community that surrounds me. I am thankful that I can say it has been an enriching, and incredibly rewarding experience so far. I have made new friends that are genuine, diligent, and hilarious. I have been to farmers markets, selling produce grown on farms and in greenhouses that I worked to harvest, and talked to so many diverse consumers about the great things that MVF is doing in the community. In a legitimate job setting, it’s exciting to look forward to work each week.