The Haunted Train


Karson Bryant (12) is followed by the spooky smoke of The Graveyard Express.

Carley Beam, Staff Reporter

Heritage Park is a softball and baseball field located in nearby Simpsonville, South Carolina. During the spring and summer, the fields are filled with athletes and the bleachers filled with screaming fans. During the spooky month of October, however, the entire facility is filled with a haunted attraction known as The Graveyard Express. They are open Thursday through Sunday except for the week of Halloween they are only opened Monday and Tuesday.  After taking this thrilling train ride, senior Karson Bryant said, “I wasn’t expecting to get as scared as I did. I thought the fact that we were riding on a train was really cool. My adrenaline was crazy.”

This haunted attraction is very different from any other in this area. After pulling into the parking lot, you can quickly hear the scream of the train, as well as the frightened riders. After purchasing your ticket, you stand in a line that looks out into the open field where the train rides. Watch out behind you, though, because there are always lurking monsters prowling around.  It’s all giggles and excitement watching the other riders get scared until it’s your turn to board the train. With the choice to sit up to 3 to a seat, you board the train and wait for the fun to begin. When you hear the roar of the whistle, that means there is no backing out. When the ride starts the train starts rolling with a nice amount of speed. When you feel the train start to slow down, that’s how you know you will soon not be alone. Always stay on the lookout because hiding behind every tree is more than just the darkness. Riding through the haunted graveyard, you’ll notice that the dead comes to life. Towards the end of the ride, you will slowly make your way through a dark tunnel until all of a sudden you come to a screeching stop. If you make it out of the tunnel and off of the train alive, you then have a haunted walkthrough that will be sure to have you running to your car.

Tickets to this unique event are $22 and they can be purchased online on the Graveyard Express website. The railroad will only be going for a few more days so hurry and get your tickets now!