The Lone Half Day (Sort of)

Allyssa Maloney, Staff Reporter

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Traditionally speaking, the last three days of school have always been half days. This year, there are only two half days throughout the whole year. One of these is on December 20th and the other is  June 6th. According to Elizabeth Brotherton, the Director of Communications for the Greenville County School Board, this change was the result of a “new law that requires schools to test all students in statewide preparedness tests during the final 20 days of school.” The effects of this law on the half days are not very clear and have not been explained in the publication of this article.


The last half day does not impact seniors, but the one before Christmas break has been raising some questions. Do seniors that get out after second block still get out then? Or, do they stay for the whole day? The schedule for these days is still under question and will hopefully be explained soon.


Underclassmen are happy about having only one-half day instead of three at the end of the year. Junior Lauren Putman exclaimed, “One is better than three half days. It will make it feel like summer has come faster and we’re not wasting our time.” Most students will not go to school on half days, but maybe since there will only be one, attendance will be higher than normal.