Oh My Stars! – Professional Development

Coach McCrary shows off his five stars for Professional Development.

Coach McCrary shows off his five stars for Professional Development.

Allyssa Maloney, Staff Reporter

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Have you spotted some teachers with silver stars pinned on their lanyards? The silver stars are awarded according to how much professional development they participate in. Professional development is specialized training that helps teachers and other educators improve their teaching, professional knowledge, and other skills. 24 hours are required for professional development, but if teachers participate in more than needed, they get a star. Each star represents a greater amount of hours than the last. In order to receive each star beyond 2, teachers have to do twelve extra professional development hours.  Mr. McCrary is one of the teachers at Wade Hampton that has received all five stars. McCrary stated, “Grad school is one of the main reasons I have all five stars.”

Professional development fine tunes teaching styles in order to meet specific students’ needs. Teachers are required to employ more teaching styles and methods into their classroom to help students gain knowledge and skills they’ll need in the future. Different methods that are taught include: incorporating active learning, support collaboration, offer feedback, and focused content. The skills that are taught are vital for students to effectively learn what their teachers are teaching. Students can not learn through the process of osmosis, so just taking notes is not really doing anything to further the student’s education. Teachers are expected to implement different styles of teaching to engage students in their lessons, both mentally and physically.

High-five your teachers when you pass by because sixty hours of professional development is a lot to do. Even if they do not have any stars, they deserve to be rewarded.