Christmas Vacation 2017


Zabriel Ortiz-Ruiz (10) getting ready for the fun of winter break.

Nigel Ice, Staff Reporter

Now that Thanksgiving is over, almost every student is counting down the days until winter break begins.  Now is the time when plans are being made. Of course, many want to stay home with their families for the holidays. Sophomore Danielle Qualls stated, “Christmas is the time for love, family, and the happiness that comes with both of those, and if traveling is necessary for that to happen then here is no reason not to.” Making a long drive or a flight to see family over the holidays is always nice, but why not just take a seasonal vacation?

There are many warm, cheap travel destinations all over the world available for the holidays with prices as low as forty-two dollars a night per person and temperatures as high as the upper eighty’s and nineties. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt are both affordable and temperate places to relax during the winter break. Bali, Indonesia, and Phuket, Thailand are great options as well. Both are very popular beaches, known for their beautiful scenery and surfing opportunities.

Although most travel over winter break to get away from the cold, there are locations for people that seek snow or freezing temperatures. Tenerife, Spain is an amazing example. During the month of December, the average temperature ranges from sixty-one degrees up to seventy-one.

Traveling over the holiday break is a personal preference and there are always plenty places to visit to have a relaxing holiday.