Football Champs- Who Will It Be?


Trea Jones

National Football College championship football trophy

Trea Jones, Staff Reporter

January 1st was an important day that college football fans should have had circled on their calendars. The reason it was so important was because it was the college football playoffs, and the winners of those playoffs will now play for the National Championship. No. 3 Georgia played No. 2 Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl at 5 p.m. Later on, No. 1 Clemson played No.4 Alabama at the new Mercedes- Benz superdome at 9 P.M..Those two games will decided who plays in the College Football Championship on January 8th in Atlanta. Who will it be? Is it time to see Georgia come out on top as a new champion, or will we see  Alabama prevail again?

Both Georgia and Alabama dominated in their bowl games. Georgia defeated Oklahoma 54-38 in double overtime. Alabama defeated Clemson in a lopsided game, the final score was 24-6. Both Alabama and Georgia have great defenses, but how their offense responds will determine the game for either team. Junior Jayen Keeles says, “ I don’t watch football but I know Alabama is gonna get this dub”.

The NFL, on the other hand, started the playoffs on January 6th.  The Buffalo Bills clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 1999. The Cowboys, Lions, Seahawks, Ravens, and Charges have been eliminated from the playoffs. Now all that’s left is the superbowl, this month will show what team in the AFC and NFC will make it to one of the biggest games of the year, and raise that Lombardi Trophy.