This Will Be Our Year


Exploring record stores with my friends is a part of my resolution to get to know Greenville.

Lucy Garcia, Co-editor

Each year, when the clock strikes twelve on January first, a new emotion rolls over me. Usually, the emotion is excitement, never doubt or uncertainty. This time, though, I found myself daunted by the path that was ahead of me. For a second, amidst shouts and laughter of my friends, I was completely and utterly terrified about my future.

This year, I begin my college applications. It is my last full year at home. The last year I share space with my parents and sisters. It is the year I will travel abroad for the first time, alone. For a high school student, everything in life seems so constant. Until it doesn’t.

It is easy to get caught up in these worries. The car payments, the student loans, and electric bills are not so far off, but is that such a bad thing? Full independence, something that cannot be understood until experienced, is a privilege of society. My resolution this year is to embrace the brevity of my time in Greenville, and savor my time left at home. I will try to visit every part of my city: the restaurants, attractions, shops, and more. Making an effort to get to know my home will hopefully provide me with new adventures and a new year.