Too Early for Prom?

February 7, 2018

Caroline Sherman (12) displays one of the dresses she is selling for prom.

Caroline Sherman (12) displays one of the dresses she is selling for prom.

Caroline Sherman (12) displays one of the dresses she is selling for prom.

Wade Hampton’s prom is April 21, 2018. Despite being months away, some of the senior girls have already started to buy their prom dresses and book hair and nail appointments. Some are asking if it is too early to think about prom. It is understandable that frustration and confusion have arisen from this situation, but there are many perks to getting ready for prom now.

Buying a prom dress now is very convenient because waiting until March or April rolls around will bring even more stress to the whole idea of prom. There is also a better selection of dresses, suits, shoes, and other accessories to choose from now. No one wants to wait until the last second and then be left with the scraps of prom 2018.

Senior Caroline Sherman said, “ I am selling my dress from last year’s prom now because I think a lot of people take the safe route and choose to buy their dresses early.” Stores in the mall have started to put out their display of dresses and tuxes. Some people choose to get their prom attire offline. It is highly advised to start looking early if going this route.

Buying clothing offline sooner rather than later is best because it gives the buyer the opportunity to make sure the quality is good and try things on. They can also return them something if it does not fit. A seniors worst nightmare is getting a prom dress online and then having to send it back without the assurance that the right size will ship back in time for prom.

Buying attire for prom now reduces stress and allows a senior to enjoy the rest of their last semester in high school.

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