Moises Lobato (11) smiles and does a small stretch wearing his team shirt.

Copa Del Rey Semi-final

February 7, 2018 competitors have been elected, and the club Real Madrid isn’t one of them. You Fans would expect the team to be a top competitor with its rival FC Barcelona, but unfortunately, since the beginning of the season, the club has been having a difficult time and losing constantly.  Many other teams, and including their own, have lost respect and faith in the team. Their fans are not upset because the team lost or because they are having a bad season but because of the lack of effort shown by the team. During the elimination for the semi-finals, the coach did not consider the team Leganes a threat. Instead of using a great strategy with top players like Bale, Ronaldo, and Marcelo, he allowed for the bench players to play the game. This decision resulted in getting the team eliminated from the semi-finals.

While Real Madrid is having a bad season, their rival the club FC Barcelona is having a fantastic season. With the arrival of their newest players Paulino, and Coutinho; the team is having its best season yet. Barcelona has had one loss throughout its whole season. The team is currently in first place in the League, and in semi-finals for the Spanish Copa del Rey. These accomplishment for the club are something that the Madridistas hate. The two teams have the biggest rivalry known in the soccer world. With the position of Barcelona right now, the team is the biggest threat in the semi-finals. Although it’s the biggest threat in the semi-finals right now, there is always that small chance that they will not be competitors for the finals. Barcelona will be playing against Valencia for their spot in the finals.

The newcomer Leganes is probably the least threatening team during the semifinals. This is the first time that they will compete in the semifinals. They are a smaller team that has never been able to make it to semifinals or beat a big team like Real Madrid, so they are expected to be eliminated by Sevilla FC. Junior Moises Lobato said, “I think that  two teams that will make it to the finals will be Barcelona, and Sevilla FC, they are both extraordinary teams with great players and managers.”

During elimination season, Leganes were rooting for the Espanyol club, hoping they would eliminate Barcelona. Which is understandable because of the season Barcelona has been having. Unfortunately for Leganes, Barcelona was able to persevere and made it to the semifinals. Although, the Espanyol club did bring a great fight to the table and was really close to eliminating Barcelona. Now that Barcelona is semifinals, everyone is expecting them to make it finals.

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