Easy To-Go Breakfasts

February 14, 2018

Tina Dang (12) holds up her to go breakfast

Tina Dang (12) holds up her to go breakfast

Tina Dang (12) holds up her to go breakfast

Many high schoolers are not morning people. They wait until the last minute to wake up and then rush out the door. Many do not eat breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Some breakfast foods take a lot of preparation time, such as eggs, sausage, and omelets. However, there are several ways to take breakfast to go.

If there is a blender available, making a nutritious smoothie is a quick and easy way to start the day off right. Smoothies can be made many different ways so it does not have to be the same flavor every day. Putting a piece of toast in the toaster while brushing teeth or getting dressed is another way to quickly prepare food. Toast can be topped with many different flavors of jelly, peanut butter, and even avocado. Another effortless way to start off the morning is a bowl of cereal. It does not take much preparation time or time to eat and there are several types of cereal available to choose from.

If there is no time for the simple steps above, grabbing a piece of fruit, a protein bar, or a Poptart while walking out the door is a way to still get the nutrients needed to start the day. Senior Tina Dang said, “I do not like waking up early but I still make sure I grab a Poptart before I leave for school.”  

Finding a way to eat breakfast in the morning is a simple task if there is just a little effort put into a morning routine.

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