ILBOTI: Pinterest Workouts

February 22, 2018

As social media continues to take over the lives of teenagers, it can be very influential towards body image and self-confidence. Images of people with perfect bodies and healthy living is can be seen often on many different media platforms. This can lead to high schoolers wanting to work out more and eat healthier. Pinterest has become a very popular app to go to when looking for ways to improve one’s lifestyle.  It is filled with workout plans and images of how the end result will look. However, these predicted results often look better on the internet.

Many of these online instructions suggest that repeating the same workout for a certain number of weeks will form a beach body. Using the same workout every day is not beneficial in the long run. It is important to switch up what the workout focuses on and to constantly improve the difficulty.

Pinterest also likes to get creative with workouts. While this can be a good way to assure motivation in a workout, they are not always the safest. Several suggest working out in the shower to save time. However, this increases the risk of slipping and suffering from an injury.

Senior Tina Dang said, “ I have learned that not all Pinterest workouts are the best. I tried a workout that was supposed to rid of ‘muffin tops’, but I have learned that clean eating is way more effective than the workout ever was.” A lot of online remedies do not take into account the fact that one’s image is more than just exercising. The quantity over quality approach is often taken as well.

When searching for online workouts, while there may be plenty of helpful tutorials, most often they look better on the internet.

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