A local band playing at Ground Zero in Spartanburg.

Rock Out, Locally.

February 26, 2018

Many times, to see a band that is actually worth seeing, residents of Greenville have had to travel to bigger cities like Atlanta or Charlotte. However, as the city of Greenville grows, so does its music scene. As more people move here, there is a greater need for more things to do. Local concerts and events are growing in popularity and are the perfect cure for boredom. Senior Robert Wortman asks his fellow peers, “Why not go enjoy a fantastic local band instead of traveling to see a semi-decent band?”

Every Friday or Saturday, walking into the Bleu Voodoo Grill, the volume of the music moves through the ceiling and into the floorboards. No one can speak over the music, or maybe it is just hard to hear over the other people screaming. Music can influence someone’s mood, as well as how fast they eat and how much money they spend. The Bleu Voodoo Grill makes their customers feel like they are eating authentic New Orleans food, and the music compliments the vibe. Other restaurants that book local bands and artists are: O-CHA, Gringo’s Cantina, Coffee Underground, and Southern Culture. However, these restaurants do not have live music every night. Luckily, other places like Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe and Tipsy Music Pub do. Calendars and menus are available on their websites.

Local musicians play all over the place, even on the streets of downtown. With all of these options, boredom should not exist. The world is an oyster, and music is the pearl.

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