Golden Brown & Delicious, Just Like Their Food

February 26, 2018

Kaitlyn Harris (12) enjoys her Brunch Burger at Golden Brown

Kaitlyn Harris (12) enjoys her Brunch Burger at Golden Brown

In addition to being known for its scenic mountain views, loving community, and delicious food, Greenville is also home to some of the best local restaurants. One of Greenville’s newest hip establishments is called Golden Brown and Delicious. Located in the newly gentrified Village of West Greenville, Golden Brown’s walk up menu includes anything from simple dishes like a grilled cheese, to more complex meals such as an orange and benne chicken sandwich. All of the menu items at Golden Brown are handcrafted with fresh ingredients from the local farmers at Reedy River Farms and Thicketty Mountain Farms.

Open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, Golden Brown and Delicious operates on an order-at-the-counter system. Customers walk into the small, uniquely decorated space where they are immediately greeted by an employee at the counter. The lunch menu changes every day with prices ranging from $6 to $20.  Unlike their lunch menu, Golden Browns dinner menu is available from Thursday to Saturday with a staffed service. As if two menus are not enough, Golden Brown also offers a popular brunch menu on Sundays. The brunch menu features a Brunch Burger, which consists of a burger patty, cheese, an egg, and bacon sandwiched between two donuts. The GB&D brunch burger, along with the rest of the brunch is so popular that the line wraps around the building on Sunday mornings. Senior Kaitlyn Harris said, “Golden Brown’s brunch burger is out of this world. I was scared to taste a donut burger but the flavors actually mixed well”.

As if their service, food, and atmosphere are not enough, Golden Brown is conveniently attached to a trendy coffee shop called the Village Grind. After a satisfying meal, customers can walk right through the door and enjoy a hot tea or coffee.

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