Girls Just Wanna Make Gains

March 2, 2018

One myth that has spread around for centuries is that girls cannot be strong. Millions of female athletes around the world contest that logic. Female strength was shown off over the past two weeks at the Winter Olympics. Here at Wade Hampton, females are given the same opportunities as males to work out and get stronger. The classes offered are Intro to Weightlifting, Weightlifting 1, and Advanced Weightlifting and are filled with more females than ever this year. The classes have not slowed down one bit.

Senior Caitlyn Chantron said, “I feel strong and empowered in this class. It makes me have a lot more confidence knowing that there are other girls in the class as well.” The Weightlifting 1 class is instructed by Coach Isakson. He makes sure that everyone, no matter their gender, is pushed to get better. There are no special cases or alterations to the workouts. It is true that males are generally stronger than females. It is simply genetics. Males have more testosterone than females which allows for bigger, stronger muscles to form. Isakson went into great detail when teaching his lecture about strength training myths but he made it a point to assure the girls in the class that they can get stronger and they can make gains.To any female athlete looking to improve their game or those who just want to work out, plan to sign up for a weightlifting class next year!

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