An Alternative Route for Finishing High School


Elizabeth Cole (9) and Anna Kate Wingard (10) plan their schedules for next year.

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

Going into high school, it seems like taking classes during the school day and graduating with all the credits needed after four years is the only path to take. Other options are not always known by students. For students with a drive to work harder and a wish get high school done at a different pace, there are other ways.

For students ready to leave high school, there is a possibility to graduate early. This is not an easy option meant for those tired of high school. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to go through with. It is often necessary to take online classes and take fewer electives during the school day. For anyone who is ready to start their career and take classes that will help them work towards their future goals, this is a path to consider.

To graduate early, the student would finish their sophomore year and then begin the next school year as either a junior or senior, depending on how many credits they have. By at least second semester of that year, they would be classified as a senior and have all of the senior privileges. In only three years a student can graduate from high school and still attend the college they want. Sophomore Estelle Howard decided to graduate early when she heard about this opportunity. She said, “I did not know it was an option until I talked to my counselor, but I am glad I have the chance to start college early, which is the main reason I am doing this.”

If students want to get ahead to fit more classes into their schedule, there are a variety of online programs available.  The first is Virtual SC which has a selection of free courses that students can sign up for. Though these classes tend to be lower level, they charge no fee. Greenville County Virtual Schooling Program, GCVSP, has a much broader selection of Honors and CP classes but there is also a $125 fee for each class. For students willing to pay the money, GCVSP offers higher level classes that student could be taking during the school day.

Knowing all of your options makes choosing a high school career path much easier. With a lot of dedication and a good work ethic, it is easy to move on from high school and start a new chapter of life.