Scholarship Tips


Chris Matheny (12) reading the daily text from the Wade Hampton counselors about scholarships.

Carley Beam, Staff Reporter

Senior year is notoriously known as the most stressful year of a high school student’s life. Not only is it the time to pay for a cap and gown, prom, senior pictures, yearbooks, and spring break, but it is also the time to apply for colleges. As all seniors know very well by now, senior year is expensive. After applying for colleges and getting accepted, the next task is figuring out how to pay for it. Thankfully, there are thousands of scholarships that students can apply for. Redheads and left-handed people even have their own scholarships. One important step is making sure a scholarship is legit before putting any personal information in. There are so many scholarship opportunities, but not all of them are a sure thing.

Websites that end in “.com” are rarely reliable websites. Also, any scholarship that asks for banking information or social security info should raise a red flag. Typically, scholarships will ask for an email, special awards, extracurriculars, and references. Most scholarships also ask for an essay on an assigned topic. Senior Chris Matheny said, “It was really easy to find scholarships online but there were a few that I decided weren’t actual scholarships so I didn’t put any personal information in.” Thankfully, there are resources that the school provides that give seniors scholarships that are the real deal. The counselors send scholarship opportunities with links almost every single day. Also, Naviance has a long list of scholarships with information and deadlines. There are many resources to find the perfect scholarship, but it is important to make sure it is a safe and legit scholarship. Any student that is not sure should see a counselor, they are always happy to help.