The Return of Frau Fowler


Nigel Ice

Frau Fowler enjoying her quiet morning.

Nigel Ice, Staff Reporter

After nearly four months of absence, Frau Fowler has made her return to Wade Hampton after going on maternity leave in December, just before winter break. In her absence, she had the help of two substitutes, her awesome students, and all of the Wade Hampton High School staff members, especially Mr. Ramey. Mr. Ramey helped by making sure the class was in order, helping with her final exam during the first semester, and constantly being there helping in the second while running his class at the same time.

For the remainder of the first semester, Dr. Chivers prepared Frau’s classes for their final exam. Once the semester ended, Ms. Walker came in to help out at the beginning of the second semester. Sophomore Clay Smith had this to say about Frau Fowler returning, “We had a hard time grasping what was going on while Frau was gone, but now that she’s back things will be far easier for us.” Frau Fowler commented on being back, “I’ve definitely missed being here and it’s nice to be back, but being at home with the baby was also so nice.”

Overall, Frau Fowler has had the support of the whole Wade Hampton High School staff and student body through these past months and the school is glad to have her back.