#EnoughIsEnough is used by Bella Kitsos (12) and other students to voice their opinions against gun laws. PC: Greenville News

March for Our Lives

March 13, 2018

Thousands of students, teachers, and activists are gathering on March 24th to march down the streets of many American cities. Inspired by the latest school shooting, students worldwide are marching for their peers in The March for Our Lives. Demanding that lives and safety be the government’s priority, the people marching intend to end gun violence and school shootings.

America has been tainted by hatred and violence, so much so that students do not feel safe in school anymore. Every child in the country goes to school with a subtle thought, this day could be my last. The fear is not just present in schools. It can also be found in movie theatres, clubs, concerts, and everyday activities that everyone loves and enjoys.

These people marching are doing so for everyone’s safety. There are marches being held everywhere from Madrid, Spain to Main Street in Downtown Greenville. Bella Kitsos, a senior here at Wade Hampton, is one of the seventeen people helping organize the Greenville march. “It could be us next. Simple as that. We are tired of being ignored. Our lives are on the line,” Kitsos asserted. “I would love to just put away all guns and call it a day, but that will never happen.” Kitsos and the other students marching are hoping their voices are heard.

People that can not make it to the march can still help with the cause. Donations are taken (here), sign the petition (here), merchandise can be bought (here), or just vote!

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