Mystery T.V. on the Second Floor

March 13, 2018

Last week as students walked up to the second floor, they were most likely caught off guard by the plasma television mounted on the wall. It is no surprise that Wade Hampton is a technologically advanced school equipped with macs, new Chromebooks, and more than one computer lab, but what’s the purpose of a television in the hall?

The television was actually mounted and set up by none other than Mr. Willey. When asked what purpose the TV served, Willey said, “The digital media program at Wade Hampton has few areas which can showcase animation or video works. Installing a television outside our department allows us to showcase more modern media.” The installation of the television for the Career and Technology Education department is a great way to capture the attention of students and spark some interest in the program. At the moment, a variety of digital media pieces are being shown on the television. Although the majority of students are used to showcasing their work on a poster, a television allows for the presentation of twice as many pieces of student work and would definitely grab everyone’s attention.

In addition to showcasing digital media work, Willey also mentioned how it is his intention to showcase postgraduate students who are excelling in their field. He would like those promotions to act as a recruitment tool for the career and technology courses and programs on the second floor. Whether or not more televisions will be added throughout the school is still a question, but for now, this second-floor addition successfully captures everyone’s attention.

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