High School Student Discounts


Addie Hudson (10) eating breakfast with her friend Rachel Glynn (10).

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

High school is a great, but relatively expensive time. With buying gas, car payments, saving for the future, and spending money, it is hard to keep up. Many businesses know this and offer small discounts for high school students. It is even more common for businesses to offer senior students discounts. Though not every location of these restaurants and stores offers the discounts, it is important to ask the nearest location and show a valid school ID.


Many Chick-Fil-A locations offer a free fountain drink to seniors with a purchase. A sure location is Chick-Fil-A of Taylors, but other locations offer it as well.


Following in Chick-Fil-A’s steps, Chipotle also offers a free small drink to high school students.


Some McDonald’s locations offer a 10% discount on the meal when a student ID is shown.


For students looking for a good way to workout with a discount, Cyclebar offers a discount ride package for high school students. Contact Cyclebar for the exact rates.

Other restaurants that are said to have discounts are Waffle House, Subway, and Dairy Queen. Be sure to ask in the restaurant or store if they have any discounts. Often times they are not advertised, so make sure to ask.

Another thing many students tend not to know is that, in dual credit classes like Teacher Cadet, each student gets a college ID. This can be used for college discounts, which have a much wider variety including many clothing stores and 50% off Spotify premium for a month.

Many students had no idea that these discounts existed. Sophomore Addie Hudson said, “I already spend so much money going out to eat with friends, but knowing about these discounts will really help me save money. Even if it is just a free drink.” The discounts, though not the most substantial offers, add up over time and can help any student on a tight budget.