Namaste at Soul Yoga

March 26, 2018


Kaitlyn Harris (12) and Lora Corley (12) love taking advantage of Soul Yogas free outdoor classes.

As 2018 goes by, more and more people begin to realize that their weight loss and fitness resolutions are not going to happen this year, but there are still some strong people who are working hard to make sure their beach body is ready this summer. While some find it easy to run, attend boot camps, or even do CrossFit, others lack motivation because they just have no idea what exercise works for them. Luckily for the Greenville community, this city is filled with unique workout studios like Cyclebar, 9 Rounds, and my personal favorite, Soul Yoga.

Conveniently located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail near Downtown Greenville, Soul Yoga offers a variety of hot yoga classes including a Power Flow and Sculpt class. A Power Flow class consists of a series of dynamic postures that link together using the physical body and breathing. Senior Pierre Cuffy said, “The vibe at Soul is amazing. The staff is very friendly and as an athlete, the flow class allows me to stretch my muscles and really untwine”. As an active teenager, staying still and clearing my mind for an hour is not an easy task so I typically go for the sculpt class. Unlike a flow class, sculpt is a total body workout set to energizing music and designed to tone every major muscle group, build strength, stamina, flexibility and burn calories. This class includes exercises such as squats, lunges, and bicep/tricep curls in a 95-degree room.

Now, the one problem with Soul and any other nice fitness studio is that the membership rates are definitely out of any student’s budget. The normal monthly rate at Soul is $97.00 but they do offer a new member month for $40. During that one month, new members can try out different classes and get a feel for yoga. Yoga definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to give it try, Soul Yoga is a great first-time studio.

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