Top Ten Most Popular Books in the WHHS Library

April 9, 2018


Senior Sienna Patterson is often checking out books. She is hold "Nemesis" and "The Secrets We Keep"

To those who love to spend time in the library and checking out books, here are the top ten most checked out books in the WHHS library.

1. “Nemesis” by Brendan Reichs
The young author Brendan Reichs based the book around a girl named Mini, who is murdered each year on her birthday but brought back to life each time. Students have been compelled to read this book after the author visited Wade Hampton High School this past October.

2. “The Fifth Wave” by Richard Yancey
This sci-fi novel sheds light on the modern world going through an alien invasion. The story is told by a teenage girl named Cassie Sullivan, who is trying her best to survive the invasion. The well-written novel was brought to life with a movie back in 2016, which got many views in the United States. The popularity of the movie has prompted many students to read the book.

3. “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green
This particular novel is a tear-jerking story about a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel. She is diagnosed with lung cancer and is required to go to support group where she meets Augustus Waters. They go through a roller coaster of emotions as their relationship blossoms. This book was also made into a movie that grabbed the attention of a large amount of the teenage population. This book is considered a popular gateway to the quirky novels written by John Green.

4. “Looking for Alaska” by John Green
Author John Green does a wonderful job of connecting us with the love of Miles Halter and Alaska Young. This novel is often recommended to students by school librarian Mrs. Fancher.

5. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas
This book is based on a more realistic setting where the main character witnesses a policeman shoot at her unarmed friend. The book talks openly about police brutality and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Many students are reading this book because the it covers a very controversial topic that is prominent in society.

6. “The Secrets We Keep” by Trisha Leaver
This realistic fiction book is about two identical twins, Maddy and Ella Lawton. Maddy has always been the shadow of her sister and has been trying to live up to her sister’s standards. When both sisters are in a car accident, Ella is killed and things for Maddy get complicated. Everyone thinks that Maddy was the one who died, so she makes the decision of living as if she is Ella. With her new life, she finds out that her sister Ella had many secrets, some of which might force Maddy to reveal her true identity.

7. “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green
This book is about a guy named Colin Singleton, who, throughout his whole life, has only dated girls named Katherine. After being dumped by his last girlfriend named Katherine, his friend Hassan convinces him to go on a road trip. During the trip, Colin comes up with a formula to predict the future of all of his relationships. When he arrives in Tennessee, he meets Lindsey Wells who he ends up falling for. He realizes many things about his past relationships and the formula he created.

8. “It” by Stephen King
This horror story became very popular in our school after the release of a remade movie back in October. The novel is about seven children who are being terrorized by some sort of creature. Despite being published in 1986, this book has still managed to grab the hearts of many students here in Wade Hampton.

9. “Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green
Author John Green once again brings us an amazing novel to read. The novel is about a teenage girl named Aza, who starts to investigate the mystery about billionaire Russell Pickett. With her best friend Daisy by her side, Aza goes through a spiraling and anxiety filled journey trying to be a great daughter and friend.

10.  “Denton Little’s Deathdate” by Lance Rubin
This book is about a boy named Denton who lives in a world where everyone knows their death date. His death happens to be on his senior prom night. This story focuses on Denton and his journey looking for love and excitement during his final days.

Most of these books are fall into the realistic fiction category. Wade Hampton librarian Mrs. Fansher said, “I think the reason that the most checked out books are realistic fiction is that they [the students] get to relate to the situation, with romance and stuff that happens in their everyday lives.” Which is certainly true because when a person is reading a book, they connect themselves with the characters in the story. All of these books are great and amazing books and all of them have great reviews. Go check them out at our school’s library.

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