Take a Quick Trip to QuikTrip


Courtesy of Odyssey

QT is a great destination for gas, snacks, and many things in between.

Trea' Jones, Staff Reporter

QuikTrip (QT), a widely loved gas station, has great customer service and gets any customer in and out quickly. The one thing sets QT apart is its food. QT’s food has been getting good ratings recently. Their pizza and hot dogs have been called delicious by many. In some gas stations, food sits out for days. At QT, that is not the case. Many people love their breakfast bowls and burritos. Their pizza has become very popular, too. All their food is made fresh to order, as it says on their website. QT is a great place to stop for any occasion. Whether the occasion is simply quick snack or stocking up for a long trip, there is plenty to eat and drink while also getting gas.

QT is really known for their smoothies. Their smoothies are perfect for a hot day and when you want to cool off. Jaheim Scott says, After football workouts in the summer, I go to QT.” Since QT first came to the South, it has impacted many other gas stations. Spinx and other gas stations have to keep up with QT, because they are taking all of the business recently. Now, it seems like there is a QT on every corner. Even in Greenville, QTs are everywhere. Aside from the store, the gas prices are reasonable. They have a convenient pump start card that customers can use to start the pump, get as much gas they want, and pay inside.