Spring is the perfect season to put down those Doritos and go for healthier options in the snack aisle.
Spring is the perfect season to put down those Doritos and go for healthier options in the snack aisle.

Rethink Snack Time

April 11, 2018

Too many high school students, snacks are things like chips, pretzels, or cookies. These options, while delicious, are not ideal for most people seeking a balanced diet. Fortunately, they are not the only options, and should not stop someone from snacking between meals.The sodium- or sugar-packed items at the grocery store may be taunting, but taking a different route and choosing a healthier food to snack on will make all the difference. Foods like bananas, berries, and salmon are scientifically proven to make people happier. Here are a few recipes that are perfect substitutes for the unhealthy foods so often advertised on every commercial and billboard.

Pretzel Chips
Instead of stopping for Doritos in the chip aisle, go for pretzel chips. These can be paired with taste-enhancing dips like this salty pea dip for a perfect after-school snack. In moderation, pretzel chips are lighter and less sodium-packed.

Rice Cakes
Looking for a gluten-free solution to common snack problems? Try rice cakes. Rice cakes can be topped off with a variety of healthy spreads, and they make a valuable snack because they are fat-free and low in calories. Adding peanut butter, coconut, and cherries on top of a rice cake makes for a perfect snack fit for anyone in a hurry. Rice cakes come in many flavors and can usually be found in the snack or gluten-free aisle.

Veggie Spring Rolls
For more elaborate snackers, veggie spring rolls are a perfect option. This snack is hearty enough to serve as an entire meal and can take a while to make. Rest assured, though, the hard work will pay off when the spring rolls are eaten. The fusion of flavorful veggies never disappoints and makes these spring rolls the most interesting snack on this list.

Turkey Wraps
Sandwiches appear to be the perfect snack, but what if there was an option that had all the appeal of the sandwich and none of the junk associated with bread? These turkey wraps are a delicious, low-calorie option made with only five ingredients. Lunch meat is a commonly found item in most households, so this option might not even require a trip to the grocery store.

Carrot Apple Smoothie
A list of healthy snacks would not be complete without a new smoothie to try. This carrot apple protein powder smoothie is a super easy recipe that takes no effort at all to make. The apple flavor really shines through in this recipe, even amidst the addition of carrots into the blender. Before or after physical activity this smoothie can really boost the quality of a day.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not a direct result of eating healthy snacks, but it is a step in the right direction. When asked why she likes eating healthy snacks, junior Chloe Mueller said, “Healthy snacks make me feel more energized and confident throughout the day. I would rather end my day knowing that I’ve been conscious of what I’m feeding my body.” If high amounts of sodium and sugar have lost the appeal throughout the years, try one of these healthy snacks to spice up any meal plan.

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