Where to Buy Records


Amanda Wampler

Alden Wise (9) loves listening to her favorite music on a record player

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

Vintage style is making a comeback in the form of outfits, items, and activities. Items like record players contribute much to the vintage style that high school students strive for these days. With such a huge spike in record sales, there is a large variety of artists and albums on vinyl to choose from. The downside? Prices for these records new or slightly used on Amazon can range anywhere from fifteen to forty dollars. Luckily, places around Greenville sell old records for as little as a dollar, it just takes some searching.

Used bookstores are the perfect place to find discounted records. Along with new twenty to twenty-five dollar records, Mr. K’s Used Books on 101 Verdae Blvd in Greenville has giant bins of one dollar records that are perfect for people wanting to listen to new music. Do not expect to find any 2018 artists in these bins, but this is a great way to listen to older music that would otherwise go unheard. 2nd & Charles, located at 2465 Laurens Rd, is similar to Mr. K’s, but its selection of records is much larger. Another plus to shopping at used bookstores is that shoppers can sell their records or books to the store to get even more store credit.

Another great place to buy records is Horizon Records on 2 West Stone Ave in Downtown Greenville. The main focus in this store is records and they have a lot of them. Just like the previous stores, there is a variety of new and used records, many of them being much cheaper than online sites. Along with records, they sell CDs and movies, so this is a great go-to store for entertainment.

Using a record player and buying records may seem expensive, but for anyone who likes exploring new genres of music and old artists, it is something they should look into. Sophomore Mackenzie Clinch bought a record player and does not regret it. She said, “I buy most of them [the records] at Horizon Records downtown. I like record players because most records are kind of vintage music, like the songs from childhood and my parents early years, and just one song can bring back a thousand memories.”

Record players can be like a time machine, reminding listeners of the past through great music. Buying records may seem like a hassle, but nothing compares to the sound of their music.