Snow Many Choices

Chris Matheny (12) at Pelican’s enjoying some shaved ice.

Chris Matheny (12) at Pelican’s enjoying some shaved ice.

Carley Beam, Staff Reporter

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Spring has always been a summer tease, and the weeks after spring break are especially hard. When the weather is beautiful outside, there are so many things to do. The sun feels so good touching your skin, and the best way to cool down is to eat some shaved ice. Here in Greenville, there are many different places to buy shaved ice, but there are three in particular that are simply the best.

First, there is Sno Hut located at 3243 Wade Hampton Blvd. Sno Hut has been around for twenty-eight years and it is owned and ran by one family. Their flavors range from strawberry to wedding cake and everything in between. It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy the delicious flavored ice.

Next is The Nomadik Few located in Downtown Greenville at 2775 South Main St. This gourmet shaved ice business is very popular with Wade Hampton students, considering they have participated in our Spirit Week lunches consistently. This business is particularly unique considering they are not a building but a mobile shaved ice stand, making pop-ups very easy and popular. The flavors are delicious and they are self-serve so you can get the perfect amount of syrup in each cup. It is definitely a place to check out!

Lastly, there is Pelican’s SnoBalls, located at 2619 Poinsett Hwy. With the largest variety of flavors, Pelican’s is an extremely popular place to grab a snow cone.Pelican’s has a very colorful painted location and a menu filled with clever descriptions of each flavor.

Shaved ice is always a popular treat for any age. Not only are Sno Hut, The Nomadik Few, and Pelican’s SnoBalls tasty, but they are all spread throughout Greenville so that at least one location is close to almost everyone. Senior Chris Matheny said, “I love all three places but Pelican’s is definitely my favorite. They have the best variety of flavors and I love that their shaved ice is smooth and melts in my mouth.” Warm weather is here so try all three places and pick a favorite. There are enough flavors at each location to appeal to everyone.