A Night Under the Edison Bulbs: WHHS Prom Review


Courtney Weber (12), Jaz Wiley (12), and Jasmine Battle (12) before prom.

Hailey McCoy, Co-editor

Prom is always glorified in movies. It is showcased as a night of blossoming, of subtle revenge in the form of dolled-up beauty, of realizing that friendship was actually the most important thing after all. The entire idea of prom is one of the most important nights in a teenager’s life has been spread so much that teens truly feel it to be a defining moment in their lives.

And truthfully, it kind of is.

As cheesy as it sounds, prom can be definitive of someone’s high school reputation. There is so much opportunity there, amongst the countless people on the dance floor and music floating through the air. Few people may ever admit it, but prom is special in its own, cringe-y way.

Wade Hampton’s prom was on April 21st at the Southern Bleachery, and described as “a night under the stars” by the event tickets. Upon parking, a somewhat unsightly building came into view. With a few broken windows here and faded paint there, it was an unfortunate sight to behold.

However, the redemption for the outside came from the inside. Wade Hampton’s amazing prom staff managed to turn a vacant, blocky room into a decorated masterpiece. Edison bulbs were strung across the ceiling, mimicking the stars mentioned earlier. A few stand-alone, palleted walls littered with what looked like glowing plastic ornaments made for magnificent backdrops in many students’ photos. There were also tables for those who did not want to dance, as well as a refreshment table in the back.

The dance floor was another story entirely. Color changing lights reflected off of the white brick walls, and the music was consistently loud, with few silent pauses between songs. Despite the immense space, students were packed together in the area and determined to have a good time.

One downfall of the night had to be the DJ’s lackluster performance. Very few songs from this year were played, and most songs were remixed terribly. Not to mention the DJ’s tendency to switch songs in the middle of a song, as well as the couple times when he played songs that very few people knew. “He remixed every single song right as the beat was going to drop, but I enjoyed dancing around with my friends anyway,” says senior Jasmine Battle.

All in all, prom is an experience to be treasured by those who can see the beauty in its generally awkward nature.