Pet Stores May No Longer Sell Pets

May 7, 2018

Everyone who loves going to the pet store just to look at the animals is in for some bad news. Unfortunately, the sale of pets in stores may be coming to an end very soon. There has been a concern about the care that is given to these animals. There are no federal laws that regulate how they should be cared for as they await their adoption day, so care can be very minimal. For example, only eight states require that food and water be given to dogs and cats. As of right now, sales of dogs are the ones that are going to be banned. Anyone buying a dog would have to go to a breeder or to a local Humane Society. Senior JT Thompson said, “I love going to pet stores just to see the dogs. It is going to be so weird without them there.” To combat the banning, loopholes are currently trying to be resolved so that these places do not give unregulated care.

In the future, it is possible that all pets will be banned from being sold. Pet shops without pets will be a huge change for everyone. Owners of pet shops are looking into how they can get government regulated laws enforced in their stores so they are not out of jobs. They are also working towards passing exams, upgrading care, and getting new equipment. Everything is still very up in the air, but for those who are looking into buying a pet, it would be safe to do it now while it is still possible.

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