Kristina Gardner (11) posing with her favorite meme guy.

Kristina Gardner (11) posing with her favorite meme guy.

Kristina Gardner (11) posing with her favorite meme guy.

Should People From Memes be Famous?

May 7, 2018

People From Memes Should Not be Famous

For the past few years, memes have become really popular on social media. Many people have become famous because of the memes that are constantly floating around social media. Many argue about whether the people who create or star in memes should be famous. There are a few reasons as to why they shouldn’t.

A really important reason as to why they shouldn’t be famous is because oftentimes, memes are based on inappropriate jokes, or they might encourage bullying through social media. Senior Angel Beltre said, “Memes could be a form of bullying. They talk about things that aren’t considered funny. [They] could ruin the person’s career by using unwanted information in the meme.” When unwanted information is placed on social media, it is often considered cyberbullying.

The world seems to have lost a sense of the value of fame. Throughout history, we only see a few people who are remembered because of their art, music, or acting skills. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci became famous because of his portrait The Mona Lisa. However, apart from having talent in painting, he was also very intelligent and sketched many inventions. This is a very good example as to why a person should become famous, but it seems nowadays we have made the mistake of making almost everyone and everything famous. We need to bring back the value of creativity and intelligence because we are encouraging students to pursue internet fame instead of continuing their education or planning for college.

These are very important reasons as to why people who create or star in memes should not be famous. Do the right thing and do not encourage it.

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    Why Shouldn’t They be Famous?

    In the past decade, memes have managed to crowd the most popular social media websites. It is difficult to go through Instagram or Twitter without finding a meme of some sort in the feed. They are popular among adults, teenagers, and even the elderly. More often than not, people involved in these memes have become famous celebrity figures. In fact, the yodeling kid from Walmart even performed at Coachella this year. Some people have brought into question whether the people in the memes deserve to be as famous as they have become.

    People included in memes deserve to be as famous as any other celebrity for multiple reasons. The first being that people can raise money for a business through the large platforms created by memes. For example, the yodeling kid brought more money to the business by performing at Coachella. Not to mention the fact that he has an actual talent to display. Another successful meme face is Laina Morris. She is known as the overly attached girlfriend. She used her fame to her advantage and managed to raise over $22,000 for various charities. Since her first video came out, she has gathered more than 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube and manages to put out new content every week.

    Yet another famous meme figure is the dancing pumpkin man. The face behind the mask is Matt Geiler. He is a news TV show host and had a two-minute gap that he had to fill in his anti-news segment on Halloween night. He ultimately decided to dance around with a pumpkin mask on his head. And because of that, his kid thinks that he is the most awesome dad.

    The fame that comes from memes is warranted in many different ways. After all, it is the least that they deserve for being laughed at by millions of people all around the globe.

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