Juliana is beyond excited to be a first generation college student.
Juliana is beyond excited to be a first generation college student.

My Greatest Moment in High School

May 23, 2018

Twelve years ago I started school and somehow in less than a month, I’ll be graduating. In a span of twelve years, I have overcome hardships, met some pretty amazing people, excelled as a student, and grown as a person. As my final year in high school comes to a close, I realize I have many memories and moments to share with my new college friends and future kids, but out of the moments at Wade Hampton, there is no greater moment than the day I received my first college acceptance letter. Sure, a college acceptance letter seems like such a basic moment that everyone experiences as senior, but imagine being the first one in your entire family to ever attend a four-year college, let alone one of the states greatest schools, for higher education.

In October when I received my first acceptance letter, I got home and checked the mail without any expectations. I flipped through the stack of envelopes when a bright letterhead caught my attention. My first letter came from Erskine College, which was not a school I ever planned on attending, but the simple idea that a college actually wanted me to be a student at their school overwhelmed me with tears and lots of indescribable emotions. At that moment I realized that the headaches, stress, early mornings, and long nights were all worth it. The hours I spent filling out applications alone because no one in my family understood what the college application process entailed have all disappeared from my mind. Now if a letter from Erskine made me cry, imagine how many tears of joy were shed when I got into Georgia, The University of Miami, and Clemson. Senior year, thank you for being one the greatest years in my school career, and most importantly the year that brought an immense amount of hope and joy to my family and the generations to follow.

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