The Best of Me

May 23, 2018

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The Best of Me

These past years of high school have gone by so fast for me. I came in through those cafeteria doors four years ago as a really different person than I am now. Back then, I was still a hurt and afraid child that was bullied in middle school.

Arriving here was like a wakeup call for me. I was afraid and nervous to find out what high school had in store for me. I was wearing a black shirt with dark jeans, no makeup, and my natural hair was down. This outfit was special to me because it was the first time my parents allowed me to wear jeans without complaining. My classes started and I started to make new friends, more than I expected. I realized that not everyone wanted to push me around and bully me. Freshman year went by very fast. Slowly I started to open myself up and become a little bit more confident in myself. I was still very shy and upset to see my bullies in the hallways.

After having a great summer, sophomore year came around and I was ready for it. I knew that it was a year that would probably make me stronger as a person. My parents were still very strict so I was unable to attend any school events outside of school. Although I was unable to attend outside events, I was able to have a great time in school with the pep-rallies, buy-outs, spirit week, and yearbook day. These were events that I always looked forward to and enjoyed with my friends.

When junior year started, I was a whole different person. I wasn’t the same shy and frightened girl that came to high school not knowing what she wanted. Junior year was the first year I went to a football game with all my friends. It was the home game against Eastside High School and we were all really excited to see the outcome of the game. I enjoyed every second of the game and cheered next to my friends. I felt free and alive while creating a memory that will forever be in my mind.

Another great decision and something that has truly become my passion was Colorguard. I was able to audition for winter guard and I was selected. I loved joining the team because I was able to meet new people who became really close friends of mine. Apart from becoming close friends with them, I was able to perform something in front of a lot of people. The feeling of performing with your team, the crowd screaming and cheering you on, is an amazing feeling. The hard work I put in rehearsal reflected in the performance. When the season came to end, it was really upsetting because the seniors were leaving. The year came to end and summer was around again.

Senior year has probably been my best year. I can’t really put all my best moments this year because there are too many. I am very thankful for the memories that I was able to create with my friends and classmates. It’s really unbelievable that I will be graduating so soon.

All I want to say is thank you. Thank you to my friends, classmates, and teachers for these past four years. They have truly been amazing and high school has been a lot of fun. It’s been a roller coaster but there are just too many memories and stories to tell.

Awesome article! Just reread it and make sure all of your sentences are in the correct tense, (most of it should be past tense as long as it makes sense). So great to hear a little about your time here, I’m gonna miss you 🙂

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