Jocelin Flora (11) shows a pair of holy/frayed jeans.

The Scoop on Frayed Jeans

August 31, 2018

This year, the Wade Hampton administration has made adjustments to the school dress code to ensure a non-distracting and safe environment for the students’ learning. Some of the least liked rules are still in effect, including the prohibiting of pajamas, hats, or sunglasses. An appreciated adjustment to the dress code is the allowance of shoes without back straps. Another new rule states that students may wear jeans with holes above the knee, as long as they are no more than an ID length above. Alongside holes, frays are also something popularly found on jeans. One question with the new dress code is this: Do frayed jeans follow the same rule?

Frayed jeans have fabric that is either unraveled or worn down. Some are deliberately frayed from the minute you buy them, which gives them a vintage, fashionable, and fun look for people. Mrs. Stuart Walker, the Assistant Principal for Educational Support, says, “It is important to have a dress code because, it helps set the atmosphere for high expectation in learning, and all jobs after high school will require some type of dress code.” Mrs. Stuart Walker has been at Wade Hampton for fourteen years and has thirty-six years of education experience; she plays a big part in our education program here at Wade Hampton. After asking Mrs. Stuart Walker to clarify if frays are allowed, she explained, “Frays are allowed unless they show skin. Wade Hampton has tried both ways and found that if students do not carry them to extremes and frays do not become a distraction to instruction, then they are not a problem. This rule again goes along with the appropriateness for the school format you are in. With this being said, it is normally up to the teacher, depending upon their eyes at the time, but the rule of thumb that teachers go by is that frays are allowed unless they show skin or distract the flow of learning.”

So, to fray or not to fray? As long as the pants do not show skin, students are free to wear frayed pants. Just make sure that they will not distract from instruction.

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