Update on WHHS Basketball Tryouts


Avery Pollock

With basketball conditioning ending soon, Patrick McCarter (12) Practices his shooting abilities in preparation for tryouts.

Avery Pollock, Staff Reporter

As a new year approaches, so does a new roster for the basketball teams. Many players are eager to be a part of the team each year and hope that they have what it takes to make the cut. So, what exactly does it take to be a part of the Wade Hampton High basketball team? What are some of the things that potential players should focus on in order to make the cut?

Currently, basketball conditioning is taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (they will practice on these days until October 29th). Players are preparing themselves for what is to come. Since conditioning is only for a few more weeks, tryouts will soon commence, and the coaches will figure out who is willing to work diligently, and who is sure to be a team player. Tryouts and conditioning are more or less the same, with only a few changes in drills. Students who are trying out are encouraged to focus on being a better team player overall, and less of what makes a better individual athlete. Coach McCrary, assistant boys basketball coach, goes over what he believes will allow students to make the cut: “They are probably thinking they need to shoot and score better, but in reality, they need to pass and catch better, as well as playing good defense.”

With players aware of the future cuts, they are bound to be doing their best during the current conditioning. As players begin working hard to prepare for tryouts and trying to secure a spot on the team, they are most certainly looking forward to a new year, new wins, and new teammates.