Where to Find the Best Fall Foliage


Isabella Ortiz Calzada, Staff Reporter

The time that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived; fall is here. Summer is cool and all, but it is widely known that fall is that time of year in which the best pictures are taken and the best memories are created. “Fall’s vibes really comfort me,” says junior Nathalie Ospina. The prime scenery is created during the fall season, the apple picking scenery, the pumpkin patch scenery, and last but not least the beautiful plant foliage scenery.

Plant foliage is such an amazing thing to have especially during the fall season when particular plants have reached their peaks and look more extravagant than ever. Why should I purchase such plants? one may ask. Well, it is proven that plants often bring a lighter mood within their presence and they also actually filter out any impurities in the air.

Some may think that Home Depot or Lowes will have the best plants, but actually, these stores are not where one should go when searching for the most amazing foliage on the market. There are more specialized destinations locally owned in this very town that are more suited for the job. In Greenville, South Carolina, there is the South Pleasantburg Nursery (1135 S Pleasantburg Dr), the Martin Garden Center (198 Martin Rd), and the Creative Plantscapes (1230 Rutherford Rd). There are also places and people that host events like the Upstate Fall Plant Sale, which will be held on October 14th-15th from 9am-2pm each day at the Putnam Greenhouse. These are local all places to have a look at. Make sure to get that fall foliage in soon in order to enjoy the rest of the fall season.