College Fair 2018 Recap


Nevaeh Arnold

Jacob Sams (11) looks over some of the pamphlets he received during the college fair.

Nevaeh Arnold, Staff Reporter

All third-year students went to the college fair on October 18th, filling up about twelve school buses in all. Students left school at around 9 a.m. and arrived at Greenville Technical College at around 9:15. After going inside, students were greeted by long rows of tables dedicated to various colleges from all over South Carolina. It took a few minutes for everyone to get the feel of going around, but by about 9:30, many schools merged together to walk around and talk to different colleges.

A problem presented at the college fair was that the majority of colleges present were located in South Carolina, many not more than a few hours away. There were not any schools from states all the way across America or from anywhere else in the world. While it is good to have a look at the educational opportunities close to home, not everyone wishes to stay within South Carolina. Many students have said they wish more schools from different states had shown up so that there was a bigger variety of schools to look at. Another problem was time. Most schools left the college fair at around 10:00. This gave students around an hour to go to different tables and learn information. However, with the time it took to unload buses and actually get inside, no more than forty-five minutes were left. Adding in the fact that there were lines everywhere and having to navigate to where people wanted to go, by the end of the fair, not many people could say they had been to more than about five places. When realizing how much time was left, many students went around grabbing information packets from different tables they were interested in, not talking to the people present.

On the other hand, the college fair did give students a good look at the schools close to home. There were many colleges that many students would not have heard of had it not been for the fair. So, within that aspect, the fair did help some become aware of the opportunities offered within South Carolina. Junior Onalee Durham said, “It was helpful, but it’s also very stressful because I’m not ready to go to college. It was a good opportunity to see all the different schools though.” The fair was also a good way to get a feel of being around a lot of strangers, much like how being a freshman in college will be. The college fair pushed some students out of their comfort zone and forced them to talk to complete strangers in order to get information.

Overall, it would have been a lot better had students been given more time to walk around and actually talk to the representatives sent from each college. Speaking to someone that has gone there/goes there would be a thousand times better than just looking things up. With this experience, however, it would have been much more informational had students just looked things up on their own time so they did not feel rushed.