Magic in a Bottle

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Magic in a Bottle

Nevaeh Arnold, Staff Reporter

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As a huge Potterhead, it has always been a dream to make potions with Severus Snape. However, since it is a little impossible to go to Hogwarts, I have taken to making potions on my own. After watching many videos with a lot of differences, I decided to take various things from each video and kind of go on my own.

The things I used to make my potions are:

  • Different types of bottles, varying in size and shape
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin
  • Food coloring
  • Pebbles and small pieces of fake plants

To start off with, I made Gillyweed Potion. I got a small bottle and added a few pebbles and small pieces I cut off from a fake plant in my house. After putting them in the bottle, I filled the rest of the bottle up with water and added green food coloring before shaking it a little. Then I moved on to Wolfsbane. The most common color for this potion was blue, so I went with that. I used a larger bottle and filled it all the way to the top with water before adding the blue coloring. I proceeded to shake it up. Afterwards, I did Amortentia, or love potion, and Felix Felicis, also known as Liquid Luck. For Liquid Luck, I made the mistake of filling the entire bottle with glycerin, yellow food coloring, and gold glitter. It took a while for everything to mix together, but even then, the glitter floated to the top and bottom. When I did Amortentia though, I did ¾ of the bottle filled with glycerin and filled the rest with water. When I added the pink sparkles (no food coloring), the sparkles stayed spread throughout the bottle and made it look pink enough that I did not have to add coloring. Moving on, I made my last potion: Dragon’s Blood. This one is quite simple. I used a large bottle and filled it with water then added a lot of drops of red food coloring. Although, for me, it was not red enough, so I added some black food gel that was laying around the house. I was very satisfied with the outcome afterwards.

Overall, I do wish these could have been a little more realistic and matched the potions made within Snape’s class. Yet, I love them a lot. Junior Sara Hammond says, “I think they are really cool and creative and that it’s something that is portrayed very much in the Harry Potter movies and I think you did a great job. I really like them and I want to make those one day.” I loved the small potions class I held within my dining room and I cannot wait to add this to my growing collection of Harry Potter mementos.