The Anchorage Review


Jane Dunlap (10) reads the menu at The Anchorage.

Sydney Dunlap, Staff Reporter

Greenville is full of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines and experiences. The Anchorage is no exception. It is a modern and trendy restaurant located in the West End. Its rustic, minimalist, and comfortable atmosphere is perfect for young adults looking for a new place to eat. The menu is focused on providing customers with delicious meals that are fresh and full of flavor. There are only nine plates to choose from, and these options change every few weeks to ensure they are as fresh as possible. A variety of small plates are featured on the menu, including parsnip cappelletti and grilled swordfish. There is also a tasting option for groups interested in sampling the restaurant’s expertly crafted dishes.

I visited the Anchorage with my family, and we decided to share the pressed ossabaw pork, grilled swordfish, and geechie boy farrotto. The staff is kind and accommodating. They explained dishes and gave suggestions to help us make the perfect choice. When our dishes were delivered to us from the open kitchen our waiter described where each ingredient was from. We were even told that the radishes served with the pork were from the restaurant’s own garden. The plates are small, but they were packed with flavor. I was also so impressed by the beautiful plating, that was sad I had to eat it. From their plating to their decor, the Anchorage takes time to make sure every aspect is sleek and stylish. Simple lights, big windows, and white walls and chairs help to brighten the room. They also had music playing in the background, making our dining experience very comfortable and enjoyable.

While the food and atmosphere are wonderful, there are some downsides. The price is quite steep considering the amount of food. Plates varied from twelve to twenty dollars, and sides were an additional six dollars. It also proved to be a little too out of the box for the picky eater in my group. As sophomore Jane Dunlap stated, “the dishes were beautifully composed, but the portions were very small and it was out of my normal price range.” While I did not have a wait when I visited at about 6:00, the Anchorage is also known to have a long list of people waiting to try it, so I would suggest that guests come earlier to skip the wait. The Anchorage is a unique and enjoyable experience that is worth trying. Guests should walk in expecting to enjoy a great atmosphere and to eat some fantastic food.