Spilling the Tea on What It’s Like to Work at Starbucks


Herald Staff Member, Staff Reporter

Starbucks is a popular spot to do homework, catch up with friends, read a book, and much more, all while sipping a comforting cup of coffee or tea. Sitting down for a cup of coffee is usually really relaxing, but the people behind the counter are busy working to make sure every cup is perfect. There is a whole team of workers who make Starbucks into the efficient business it is: people cleaning the cafe, doing dishes, making drinks, and taking orders. Speaking first-hand, here is an inside look at what it is like to work at Starbucks.

First, it is important to understand that all the fancy lattes that Starbucks sell are all made of the same things: shots of espresso, steamed milk, and syrup. Whenever I am making lattes, it always surprises me to see that they are mostly milk, and the ratio is pretty uneven. In addition to lattes, Starbucks mostly serves brewed coffees, iced coffees, cold brew coffees, frappuccinos, and teas. Once you learn the basic recipe for each sized drink, making drinks is actually pretty simple. The more strenuous and difficult parts are actually cleaning and making backups. One reason Starbucks is always ready to go is that they have an employee constantly restocking, making backups of frappuccino roasts and mocha syrups, and cleaning the cafe and bar area. This employee is always ready to help their coworkers when they need something and it is easily the most fast-paced part of the job, especially during the rush hours. The company has a meticulous set of standards and rules that keep Starbucks clean, organized, and working well. These standards make Starbucks one of the best places I have worked at yet.

How could I forget about the great benefits that come with working there? Free coffee while working is one of the best perks. Remembering that I can a free cup of iced coffee or tea makes working a long Saturday so much nicer. Along with free drinks, I also get one free food item. This is another great perk because I no longer have to run out for food on my break. It definitely makes working school nights more convenient. Some of the other benefits include discounted merchandise when off the clock, a free bag of coffee a week, and the possibility of free online college.

While this article definitely focuses mostly on the positives, but for anyone seriously thinking about applying, get ready for nonstop work. That may seem like a bad thing, but for me, it makes the time fly by. Overall, this is the best job I have had and I enjoy every minute of working here. So, for anyone looking to join a fast-paced team and enjoys coffee should look no further than Starbucks.

Also, for anyone who wants to try something new, here are some of my favorite drinks at Starbucks:

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Iced Green Tea with Lemonade

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Caramel Macchiato