Open Letter To People Who Ask Too Many Questions During Movies


Caroline Strinsky (10) asks Melanie Cham (11) questions while the two friends watch a movie.

Herald Staff Member

Dear Confused Movie Goers,

I do not care if you are watching the final movie in a series that you have never watched, I do not want to answer your questions. There is nothing worse than sitting down to watch a movie and being bombarded with questions as soon as the title appears on the screen. The movie started five minutes ago, so I cannot understand how you have so many questions already. Some movies I have never watched. I know as much as anyone else does, so what makes you think that I can explain every character’s plan and motive? The only difference is that I am taking the time to focus on what is happening on the screen.

Not only are the questions hard to answer, but it also sets off a never-ending cycle. When someone asks a question during a movie, it makes the question answerer scramble to explain the concept to them. Sometimes the simple answer is not enough, and the movie expert must go into more detail, but by then they have missed more of the movie and missed more essential details which then leads to more questions. It truly is a never-ending cycle of confusion and misery.

So now there is a dilemma. The confused moviegoer does not know the answer, their friends do not know the answer, so I wonder what else you could do to figure it out? Maybe the confused moviegoer should just watch the movie. Most movies are set up to inform viewers of the main characters and plot in an entertaining way. So, instead of ruining the movie for the poor friend sitting next to you, just watch it. I guarantee that most of your questions will be answered. Plus figuring something out for yourself is much more gratifying than having someone tell you. Though, Wikipedia is a confused moviegoers best friend if they still have a bucket load of questions. So please, research the movie before you watch it and do not ruin it by asking questions. Your friends will greatly appreciate the peace and quiet.


                 Frustrated Movie Lover