DIY Snow Globe Cookies

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DIY Snow Globe Cookies

Payton Hever (11) and Jazz Freeman (10) enjoying a holiday cookie during lunch.

Payton Hever (11) and Jazz Freeman (10) enjoying a holiday cookie during lunch.

Payton Hever (11) and Jazz Freeman (10) enjoying a holiday cookie during lunch.

Payton Hever (11) and Jazz Freeman (10) enjoying a holiday cookie during lunch.

Luna Riley, Staff Reporter

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Looking for a fun tasty treat in the first few days of December or a good cookie to put out for Santa? This cute winter dessert is perfect for holiday parties.

Ingredients used for the sugar cookies:

3 cups all-purpose flour

¾ teaspoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup unsalted butter, softened

1 cup of sugar

1 egg beaten

1 tablespoon of milk

Powdered sugar, for rolling out dough

Ingredients for decorating:

Snow globe cookie cutter

Icing (red, white, green, and gold

The hardest thing about making these cookies was finding a snow globe shaped cookie cutter. I went to several stores, and I could not find it anywhere. I ended up having to cut the cookie dough out by hand which was extremely hard, and not recommended for beginner bakers. To start making the sugar cookies, sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.

Place butter and sugar in large bowl of electric stand mixer and beat until light in color. Add egg and milk and beat to combine. Put the mixer on low speed, gradually add flour, and beat until mixture pulls away from the side of the bowl. Divide the dough in half, wrap in waxed paper, and refrigerate for two hours.

Next, preheat oven to 375℉. Sprinkle the surface where you will roll out dough with powdered sugar. Remove one wrapped pack of dough from refrigerator at a time, sprinkle rolling pin with powdered sugar, and roll out dough to ¼ inch thick. Move the dough around and check underneath frequently to make sure it is not sticking. If dough has warmed during rolling, place cold cookie sheet on top for 10 minutes to chill. Cut into a snow globe shape, place at least 1-inch apart on greased baking sheet, parchment, or silicone baking mat, and bake for seven to nine minutes or until cookies are just beginning to turn brown around the edges, rotating cookie sheet halfway through baking time. Let them sit on baking sheet for 2 minutes after removal from oven and then move to complete cooling on wire rack.

Once the dough has been rolled out with a rolling pin, it is time to cut out the shape. I used a coffee cup, and lightly traced the shape of a circle. Then I got a butter knife and started to cut out the circles and stopping right before the bottom. Once I finished cutting out the circle I started at the bottom where I didn’t cut,and I cut out the bottom of the snow globe. After all the cookies were cut out I put them on a baking sheet, and baked them for the said amount of time. Once the cookies had baked and cooled I started to decorate them. Using the picture that I found on Pinterest, I decorated the cookies with red frosting, white frosting, green frosting, white sprinkles, and gold sprinkles. I started by tracing the circle part of the cookies with white frosting, and filling in the circle and putting on white sprinkles.Then, I filled in the bottom of the snow globe with red frosting. After that, I put the cookies in the refrigerator to cool for 30 min. Once they were cooled, I used the green frosting to trace and fill the inside of the snow globe to look like a Christmas tree. Finally, I used the gold sprinkles and put them on the Christmas tree. I let the cookies dry overnight, and they were ready to eat in the morning.

I shared these cookies with junior Peyton Hever and she said, “I loved the cookie. I’d definitely take them to a holiday party. They were very cute and delicious.”