Open Letter to Those Who Walk on The Opposite Sides of The Hallway


While walking making her way down the hall to her fourth block class, Amanda Watts (9) encounters Andrew Smith (9) who decided to walk down the wrong side of the hall, and inevitably enough caused a small dispute between the two.

Herald Staff Member

Dear people who do not seem to know that there are two sides of the hallway,

Why is it that when I am desperately trying to make it to my next class on time that you feel the need to walk down the side of the hall that I am supposed to walk down? All this does is create a big clog in the halls, and prevents anyone planning on walking the opposite way getting to their destination on time. What motivates this extremely rude trend is beyond me. It only makes me want to leave class earlier so that I have time to do what I need to do before my next class. To top this off, you also feel the need to do the exact same thing on the stairs. Some of us prefer that we get to class without having to get trampled extensively by a variety of students shoes. Another huge problem with your awful habit is the effect on the flow of traffic in the hallways. One of the biggest issues facing Wade Hampton is the sheer amount of blockage that the main stairwell faces on a day to day basis, and it can all be traced back to the ones who decided to walk down the section that you are supposed to walk up, and vice-versa. Don’t just take it from me, however, because sophomore Hunain Mukri has also had similar experiences: “I was late once when some people decided to walk down the wrong side of the stairwell. They’re causing a huge problem.”

It’s very simple, you see, to fix this poor problem simply use the correct side of the hallways or stairs, and you will ultimately create a much more safe and happy environment for students and staff alike. Do us all a favor and stop only thinking about yourselves in the halls, but rather your fellow classmates around you.