Open Letter to Terrible Parkers


Keigan Tucker

Cayton Hadley (12), Grace Brackett (11), Jennifer Khuu (12), and Ella McCall (12) saw a car that was not parked very good and wanted to point it out.

Herald Staff Member

Dear horrible parkers,

Buckle up because this one’s for you. I am sure by now you have heard the stories, seen the pictures, maybe even committed the crime, but I am here to let you know you need to stop right now. Most of you suck at parking, that’s just a fact. You make think this does not apply to you, but you are wrong, I see it every day in the parking lot: there is nowhere to hide. You can’t get away with it anymore, I am done suffering from your parking jobs. So listen up and please try to learn something from this.

You know those white lines all over the parking lot, those have a purpose, they are not just there for decoration. You are supposed to park inside the lines. Yes, I know sometimes it is hard to be perfect, you may end up a little crooked, but hey- all you have to do is stay inside the lines and you will be okay. I have seen some crazy things, backends of your car hanging out, or inside the spot next to you. Front ends crossing the line leaving little room for the next car, come on this was all covered probably in your first day of drivers ed. When you are so crooked you are taking up two spots, you should not even have your license. Now, I get that sometimes you are running a little late, it happens to all of us, but that does not mean park like a crazy person. You guys do not own the parking lot, nope not even you seniors, there are other people that go to the school, eighteen hundred other people actually.

Now, if you have a big car then you know that you have a big car, no excuses. So for the people out there with large cars please watch yourselves when parking, I have seen you hit another car when pulling into a spot and continue to drive forward as you are scraping the side of someone’s car, that is definitely not ok. Also, if you park so close to the person next to you, to the point where they cannot even open their door to get in the car, I have no clue what you were thinking. So let’s help each other out from now on. We are in this together. On behalf of your peers, do us all a favor and learn how to park. It is not that hard, thanks.


Best wishes,

People who are tired of your inability to park