Open Letter to People Who Cancel Plans Last Minute


Nevaeh Arnold

Denna Doan (11) cancels her plans with a friend after school a few minutes before the bell rings.

Herald Staff Member

Dear People Who Cancel Plans Last Minute,

I do not forgive you. I may act like it next time we see each other, but internally, I am really upset with you. We put all the time into planning our day and what do you do? Cancel. Not even a few days beforehand, either. You cancel right before we are supposed to be somewhere. I cannot stand that! If you know you are not going to feel like being a people person that night or day before, tell me! Do not wait until I am ready to go, all dressed up with my makeup, hair, and carefully planned an outfit, to send me a text saying you changed your mind. This day was very thought out. More likely than not, I had to decline other plans because I knew I would be with you. When you cancel plans the day of, I am usually left with nothing else to do since it is such short notice. I made room in my day for you, moving things around and making it where we would be able to hang out for a while. Why would you cancel? I can almost guarantee that we were both really excited to hang out, so why cancel? Did you wake up and just decide that you did not want to put forth the effort to actually get up? Were our plans not as important as you made it seem? Unless you can provide me with a valid excuse as to why you chose to cancel, do not act like you are sorry. You simply not wanting to be active that day does not validate your canceling. Please, do not cancel plans with me last minute.


A very annoyed friend