Disney is Not Letting Go of Frozen

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Sydney Dunlap, Staff Reporter

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One of the most famous animated movies ever will finally receive a sequel. The teaser for Frozen 2 was unexpectedly released on February 12 and can be watched on Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Youtube. This highly anticipated sequel has been in the works for a while, following the first movie’s success. The new trailer is a sharp contrast from Disney’s usual trailers, teasing a darker tone, rather than the usual light and cheerful plot line. It starts with Elsa running into the ocean, appearing to attempt to run on the water. The trailer then moves to a variety of action-packed scenes, including Kristoff running with a pack of reindeer, Elsa fighting off a circle of fire, and finally, Anna yielding a sword.

Frozen gained popularity very soon after it was released in November of 2013 and the Frozen franchise has not taken a break since then. It has two short films featuring characters from the main animated movie, including Frozen Fever in 2015, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in 2017. There is also a Frozen musical on Broadway and plenty of merchandise featured on Disney’s website, yet up until this month, there had been no news of the highly anticipated sequel. Its surprise release was a great success and even broke a record. The teaser earned 116.4 million views within its first twenty-four hours, making it the most watched animated trailer ever.

It is no wonder the trailer has gained so much attention since its tone is very different from the lightheartedness that Disney usually features in their movies. While Frozen was set in the summer, which eventually turned winter, this new movie seems to be set in the fall. Among the leaves, fans can catch a glimpse of one of the new female characters. Though not much is known about the character yet, some theories say that she might also have magical powers. This due to the fact that another new character, who looks similar to Kristoff, flies into the air next to the new female character as if pulled by a magical force. Both Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown have been associated with the film, but it is unconfirmed on what characters they will be voicing. Disney may surprise viewers with Frozen 2’s more adventurous plot line and a possibly darker tone. As sophomore Caroline Strinsky stated, “I am most looking forward to seeing people’s reaction to it. It seems that Disney took a very different approach to this one and I am excited to see how it turns out.” The movie is expected to be released on November 22.