Crossfire: Fitbit or Apple Watch?

March 14, 2019

Why Apple Watch Users Should Buy a Fitbit


Emily Rhea (11) showing off her Fitbit surge.

When looking for an activity tracker and/or smartwatch, there is usually only one question that comes to mind: should I get an Apple Watch or Fitbit? Well, the answer is Fitbit, and there are numerous reasons as to why. For starters, the Fitbit was created with a focus of fitness. One of the company’s mottos is, “Fitness first, smart second.” Fitbit also has various types of watches to fit different lifestyles. For instance, the Alta, Flex, and Charge HR are used just for tracking steps, with the exception of the charge hr and some new versions of the Alta the activity tracker allows people to monitor heart rate, and track calorie burn in workouts too. For more intense tracking, the Surge, Charge 2 and 3, Ionic, and Versa allow for GPS tracking, heart rate sensing, text messaging, customizable workouts and various fitness apps. The variety of watches create many choices to meet each seller’s needs, unlike the Apple Watch. The Fitbit watches also have long lasting battery lives that last for at least 4-5 days. Sleep and sleep levels can easily be tracked during the night.

Another amenity to the Fitbit is the fact they have a Fitbit Coach broadcasted on the watch, that coaches anybody through a workout. This makes working out less difficult, because the watch tells the person what to do. Along with the Fitbit Coach, the Fitbit app is phenomenal. The app allows friends compete with one another, track food, water, calories burned, stairs climbed, steps, and workouts. For women, the app has a Women’s health tracker, which allows for women to log personal information for the app to track. Fitbit also give the option to sync weight data from the Fitbit Aria scales. This accommodates two types of information and puts it into one app, which comes in handy.

In my opinion, the Fitbit is 100% better than the Apple Watch. The watch offers many accommodations for any type of person. Junior Emily Rhea also loves the watches, “Fitbit allows for me to track how I eat, drink, sleep, workout, walk, and climb. For a fitness watch, it is definitely the best.” With this being said, the Fitbit is more versatile and easier to use for all types of people.  

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Why Apple Watches are Better Than Fitbits


Madison Pate (12) poses with her Apple Watch, which she believes is superior to Fitbit.

Ever since the two devices have been up for sale, there has been a debate over whether Apple Watch or Fitbit is better than the other. While they both have their pros, I believe that Apple Watch is superior over its adversary.

The Apple Watch is better because it can be used for basically anything. While Fitbit can only track so much, Apple Watch can track everything Fitbit can and then some. It can track daily water intake, total steps, and even offers Breath, which is used to help calm those dealing with stress and anxiety. It notifies the user when their heart rate begins reaching unusual levels, and notifies the user whenever they get a text, so they do not need to be on their phone to stay in touch with people throughout the day. While Fitbit tracks steps and heart rate just as the Watch does, users need their phones in order to stay updated on their stats throughout the day. With Apple Watch though, users can track their physical stats without having to pull out their phones. It allows the user to even answer calls without having their phone, if they purchased the watch with cellular pairing. Sure, Fitbit does some of these things, but does Fitbit do all of these things?

A fitbit is fine if those who use it are primarily concerned with fitness. For everyday needs alongside that though, Apple Watch is overall a much better investment. Apple Watch is basically like a little phone that can be carried around wherever, and while some believe that this is unnecessary, I believe that they can come in very handy for people with certain busy and social lifestyles. For those who base their whole lives around fitness and care very little about staying connected, Fitbit may be their best bet. As a whole though, Apple Watch is just simply better.

For those who are still not convinced and would like to investigate further, read this article.

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