Texas Draft Isssues

Nigel Ice, Staff Reporter

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The United States Military draft was first established in 1940 by President Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act. In the WWII alone, over ten million men served in the military because of the Selective Training and Service Act. The draft lasted until 1973 as the Vietnam War was reaching its end. This year, U.S. District Judge Gary Miller of the Southern District of Texas deemed the draft unconstitutional due to the draft restricted to males only. Gary Miller wrote “the time has passed on debate for women in the military, regardless of whether the matter of women serving in combat may have justified past discrimination.” He also said the gender issue in the draft had been the biggest challenge the Selective Service System has faced since 1981. We asked two students from the Wade Hampton student body for their opinions on the unconstitutional draft Nicholas Dill and Maison Payne. Maison said the following, “It does not affect me and if I got drafted I would move to another country. And we aren’t going to war soon anyway and if we did it would not matter because we would all die from nuclear weapons.” Then Nicholas had this to say, “To me it does not really matter if they declare it unconstitutional or not because if I get drafted I am going either way. I see both sides to the argument and it is really interesting to watch it happen.” In 2019 the draft is currently not in use, but the rules and regulations of the draft are still a very present issue.