Superhero Fan or Not, Captain Marvel is Definitely a Movie Everyone Needs to Watch

Captain Marvel is in theatre.

Courtesy of Chelsea Steiner

Captain Marvel is in theatre.

McKayla Epps, Staff Reporter

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After the death of the famous comic book writer, Stan Lee, in November 2018, many Marvel fans worried about whether the new Marvel movies would follow the same excellence as they have in the past. With the release of Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, the Marvel movie producers definitely did not disappoint the great comic book writer/public icon and fan base with this fantastic film.

Captain Marvel broadcasts the life of Carol Danvers, a Kree warrior that is trying to find reality from the things she has been told versus flashbacks that seem familiar. In the end, the movie shows how she came to have her powers and what causes her to stand out from reality.

According to Jeremy Fuster, “With a $153 million opening domestically and $455 million worldwide, “Captain Marvel” is certain to be one of the fastest films to gross $1 billion at the box office.” Along with the great number of box office sells, Captain Marvel broke barriers as the first superhero movie to have a lead actor, movie director, and an abundance of staff, that were women. This was much awaited for addition to the world of superheroes.

Junior Americus Blanding seems to really like the movie, “I thought Captain Marvel was really funny and the special effects were really cool. Carol’s character acted really well and her relationships with all the other characters made the movie really enjoyable. Overall, the movie had a great set up and I really liked it.” In my opinion, Captain Marvel is one of the best Marvel movies out on film. The way the movie is portrayed is funny, action-filled, and easy to follow. I hope everyone will go and watch it, it most definitely will not leave anyone disappointed.