Open Letter To People Who Do Not Know the Struggles of Having Long Hair

Even though long hair can be a struggle sometimes, Khristal Velazquez (10) still loves having longer hair.

Keigan Tucker

Even though long hair can be a struggle sometimes, Khristal Velazquez (10) still loves having longer hair.

Herald Staff Member

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Dear people who do not know what it is like,

For those of you who do not understand what it is like to have long hair please keep reading and learn some new information today. Having long hair is both a blessing and a curse, and I mean having hair that either touches your waist, goes past, or is almost there. Let’s start at the beginning: waking up, your hair is everywhere and in a tangled mess. Taking a shower takes forever because you have so much hair to wash. The conditioner always runs out first, even though you bought the same size as the shampoo. Once the task of washing is over, you try to wrap it up in a towel but the towel will always be too small. Already off to a great start, the next part is the best, brushing. It takes forever and seems like that scene from Tangled. Every once in awhile you get to experience the pure joy of snapping your hairbrush in half. By the time you are done brushing it, you would think it would be dry, but you are wrong, it will be dry in about three days.

Trying to style it is even worse, it is a whole arm workout trying to braid it. When you straighten it you have to stand in a full length mirror just to make sure you are getting the ends. You have to use a thick curling iron because you have so much hair and need to fit it all around the barrel of the iron. By the time you have left the bathroom, finally finished getting your hair ready, you would think you were bald when you see how much hair you left behind. The next step is to pick out a cute outfit. Do not bother picking out a shirt or dress where the back is open or really cute: no one can see it because of your long train of hair.

Time to go to school. Keep the windows rolled up or else your hair will be out the window and a tangled nest when you are done driving. The amount of times during the day when you get it stuck under your backpack strap, on the nails of the chairs, and you or someone else sitting on it is too much to count. Then you go to lunch and you have to put it up just so it does not get in your food or your food in it. You will not have to worry about not having a hair tie because you would never leave the house without one. Now you are annoyed with it and everyone else it annoyed with it. People start telling you to just cut it, but you cannot do that: even though it is a huge pain, it is so pretty and so nice to have that much hair. I hope everyone reading this that does not have long hair learned about how much of a struggle it is, so when you hear us complain you know it is for a good reason. Thank you.


A girl with really really long hair